April 28, 2022

Fusion: The Holy Grail of energy with Heike Freund from Marvel Fusion

This episode goes deep into Fusion energy which is essentially the energy produced by the Sun.

Fusion makes SciFi become reality. If achieved, it could alter humankind forever. So we're glad to have one of the leading Fusion companies in Europe on the show!

Listen and Learn

  • Heike’s transition from Big Consulting at McKinsey to a Fusion energy startup.
  • Why Fusion is considered the Holy Grail of energy.
  • Picture of the world running on Nuclear Fusion (how would it change transportation, food production, manufacturing, space travel).
  • The actual level of maturity of Nuclear Fusion. How long before it hits commercial energy production?
  • Marvel’s technological innovation (ex: Laser technology vs Magnetic).
  • The economic perspective of Marvel: how they intend to make money.
  • Europe’s place in the global race to Fusion energy.
  • 30 fusion startups out of 35 globally are in the US. 
  • Recently raised €35m from Earlybird, a generalist VC. Why they picked a generalist VC fund to lead their round rather than a dedicated Climate fund.
  • Where will the billions of euros necessary to build a commercial prototype COME FROM.
  • Why ITER is both a success and a failure.
  • How to get a job in Fusion. Why Marvel is a great company to work for and the jobs they are hiring for. 

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Heike Freund

COO at Marvel Fusion