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Climate Insiders

Learn all the insights from Europe's top Climate Tech Founders and Investors. Listen to the stories behind the startup successes, understand the drivers of investment decisions, and become a true Climate Insider.

Climate Insiders is brought to you by Climentum Capital, a European Seed+ and Series A Climate Tech VC funding climate-positive ventures.

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Vaekstfonden - The seeding role of Government Funds in European Climate Tech (ft. Lars Nordal Jensen)

Dec. 13, 2022

Lars holds a bachelor's degree in Philosophy & Economics and a master's in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen. Additionally, Lars has attended executive courses from Harvard Business School and the London Sc…


Walerud Ventures - Early Klarna investors running hands-on Climate Tech family office (feat. Caroline Walerud)

Dec. 6, 2022

Caroline Walerud is a Swedish entrepreneur and Partner at Walerud Ventures, a deep-tech investment company that focuses on early-stage green tech startups. She also co-founded Volumental, a company that developed a cloud-bas…


Speedinvest - Takeaways From Europe's Best Year Ever in Climate Tech (ft Marie Helene Ametsreiter)

Nov. 23, 2022

Marie Helene Ametsreiter is a General Partner at Speedinvest, an early-stage generalist fund based out of Wien in Austria, with more than €600m AUM and 40 investors based in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, and Vienna. Marie-H…

Guest: Marie Helene

Systemiq Capital - How to Invest in Climate Solutions (feat. Irena Spazzapan)

Nov. 15, 2022

Irena Spazzapan is a Managing Partner at Systemiq Capital, a London-based climate fund and spin-off of Systemic Ltd. Systemiq Ltd is an advisory and investment firm focused on climate, that helps build companies that have th…


Teampact Ventures - From Rugby career to Climate Action (feat. Benjamin Kayser)

Oct. 24, 2022

Benjamin Kayser is a former French Rugby international with a 16-year-long career (he played 47 games with the French National Team, and hundreds in the French and English championships). Benjamin is a Co-founder and Partner…


SOSV - Building the World's Most Active Climate Tech VC (feat. partner Benjamin Joffe)

Oct. 11, 2022

Benjamin Joffe is a Partner at SOSV , a global deep tech fund with 1000 portfolio companies and $1.3B AUM. They focus on early-stage planetary and human health. They invest the very first checks at pre-seed via the startup p…

Founder Industry & Manufacturing

Circular Carbon Chemistry - Making chemistry sustainable with Christian Vollmann

July 12, 2022

Christian Vollmann is the Founder and CEO at C1 / Circular Carbon Chemistry, a Berlin-based startup developing climate-friendly chemicals, for example, Green methanol. He has been involved in over 70 start-ups to date and ha…


Entrepreneurs For Impact - Building a bridge between the US and Europe in Climate with Chris Wedding

July 5, 2022

Chris Wedding is an ex-Private Equity investor, 3x founder, professor at Duke University, a Climate CEO Coach, and a MONK ! Today's episode is a little special. Both Chris and I are running Climate Tech podcasts. The differe…

Guest: Chris Wedding

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Yoann Berno

Founding Partner & GP @ Climentum Capital

After a career spent building and investing in top tech startups, Yoann is now founding member and General Partner at Climentum Capital focused on investing in game changing technological solutions to our worsening climate crisis.

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