Ubermorgen Ventures - The Climate Tech Evergreen Fund with Alex Langguth

In this show, we discuss:
- Ubermorgen's evergreen fund model and why it actually helps stand up 1st-time funds.
- How difficult it was to raise a first fund
- Contrarian views, processes to drive investment decisions and what people get wrong about being a fund manager.

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Alexander Langguth is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Übermorgen Ventures https://www.uebermorgen.vc/, an early stage Zurich-based venture firm with early investments in climate innovators like Sunvigo, carbo culture and delicious data.

Prior to founding the firm, Alex studied energy economics and environmental policy and worked in management consulting across the breadth of energy, industry, economic development and sustainable investing throughout Europe and Africa.

- The reasons why Ubermorgen picked an evergreen fund model
- The difficulty to sell this new model to LPs initially
- Alex’s expected ratio of institutional funds, evergreen funds, solo GPs in Europe in 10 years
- Alex most painful moment raising their 1st fund
- Whether LPs cared more about impact of financial returns
- Why having contrarian views and avoiding confirmation bias is so important in VC
- The area where Alex has completely changed his views over the last 2 years
- What most people have wrong about being a fund manager
- How Übermorgen handles investment decisions internally and votes on deals (with 1 to 10 scoring)
- The best advice to share with entrepreneurs on HOW to engage with VCs to maximize success of their fundraising
- How to land your first job in Climate Tech

Yoann Berno https://www.linkedin.com/in/yberno/ After a career spent building and investing in top tech startups, Yoann is now founding member and General Partner at Climentum Capital focused on investing in game changing technological solutions to our worsening climate crisis.

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