Tier's Co-Founder donating 100% of his shares to Climate Impact with Lawrence Leuschner

Lawrence Leuschner is the Co-founder and CEO of Tier Mobility, Europe's largest micro-mobility startup based out of Germany.

They were founded in 2018 and today they count more than 900 employees, have raised more than $650m, did 6 acquisitions to consolidate their leadership.

We will learn a lot from Lawrence in this episode on e-mobility, climate impact, creating a growth culture and pledging all your wealth to drive Climate Impact.

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Lawrence Leuschner is the Co-founder and CEO of Tier Mobility, Europe's largest micro-mobility startup based out of Germany.

Listen and Learn
- How Tier started as the david vs goliath in the mobility space against heavily capitalized US competitors (2:00)
- How Tier quickly became #1 in the Apple Store globally, ahead of Whatsapp (3:30)
- What happened to the millions of cheap Chinese bikes that disappeared overnight from Europe (4:00)
- Why the e-mobility landscape isn’t set and will continue evolving over the coming years (5:00)
- Why the initial model of e-scooters wasn’t sustainable with batteries lasting weeks (6:00)
- Repair, maintenance and recycling is now the name of the game (7:00)
- The new battery design coming in the next year continue pushing in a sustainable direction (8:00)
- The actual impact profile of e-scooters and how they manage to be net positive today (9:30)
- Today, 20% of Tier’s rides are replacing car rides, while 80% are replacing foot, bikes and public transportation (11:00)
- How they intend to replace to 80% (13:00)
- Growing 100% year-over-year (14:00)
- How they added 150,000 bikes by acquiring (15:00)
- Lawrence’s #1 learning from the past 2-3 years that he wishes he had known before (16:00)
- Why one of Tier’s four core values is to “trailblaze” (17:00)
- How hiring key people that have been on this rodeo is critical to enable growth (18:00)
- How to hire the best people in the current talent war, especially against companies that are printing money like Google and Amazon (19:00)
- Why Lawrence decided to create his own impact fund: Blue Impact ventures (20:30)
- How Lawrence decided to allocate all his shares of Tier into Blue Impact (21:00)
- Blue Impact’s playbook of decision to operate with minimal resources (21:50)
- How Lawrence ensured an evergreen structure for Blue Impact (23:00)
- The walk with his partner that convinced him to dedicate 100% of his shares to Climate impact (24:30)
- Rapid fire round (26:30)
- Tips and advice to help people penetrate the Climate community and get their dream job (29:00)
- The accelerated learning curve: what you learn at Tier in 1 year is what you learn in a corporate in 5 years (31:00)

- Video of Tier's products https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNnhD_6prZQ
- Lawrence Leuschner donates 100% of his shares and exit proceeds via founders pledge https://irishtechnews.ie/lawrence-leuschner-tier-mobility-founders-pledge/
- Acquisition of NextBike by Tier https://about.tier.app/tier-and-nextbike-unit-to-become-the-number-1-for-sustainable-micro-mobility/
- How green are electric scooters? https://www.tier.app/en/blog/how-green-are-electric_scooters
- Blue Impact Ventures https://www.blueimpact.de/

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