Systemiq Capital - Moving to net-zero through innovation (feat. Irena Spazzapan)

Irena Spazzapan is a Managing Partner at Systemiq Capital, a London-based climate fund and spin-off of Systemiq Ltd.

Systemiq Ltd is an advisory and investment firm focused on climate, that helps build companies that have the potential to meaningfully accelerate the transition towards net zero.

Irena worked at Goldman Sachs for 13 years in Commodities, Gas & Power systems.

I love conversations with Irena because you're always up for a ride and learn a ton on macro-trends, the psychology of the investor, portfolio management tips, and where the world is headed.

Irena has a TON of insights to share:

- Systemiq's genesis and vision.
- The venture bets that make sense today, as well as the key areas of investment to create a better world for everyone.
- Hydrogen being an important part of the discussion these days, Irena will explain to us the importance of hydrogen and the ways it can be used in the future to create a greener environment.
- The role of the Middle East and question whether they are a part of the problem or if could they be a long-term solution for the climate crisis in the world.

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Irena leads the energy team at SYSTEMIQ, an investor in, and advisor to, cleantech companies.

She is on the board of Upside Energy and on the advisory board of Habitat Energy. Previously, she spent 12 years at Goldman Sachs, finishing as ED in Gas and Power Origination.

She also worked briefly at the United Nations. She is a graduate of International Relations and Macroeconomics at the University of Trieste and SOAS, and is a CFA Charterholder.


00:00 - Intro
03:48 - Systemiq Capital - goals and visions for the climate, their investments and the way they help companies that are transitioning to a green, how the company started and where it is today
06:24 - The Founders of Systemiq Capital
08:43 - The key learnings from Systemiq, upsides, and downsides that are critical in the environmental crisis
13:02 - Lack of innovations as a part of the problem. Europe losing the leadership in Climate Tech
15:30 - Will the IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) play against the U.S market and in favor of Europe?
16:30 - What is sensical and non-sensical in the current venture world, especially in the climate, and key areas to invest in.
19:33 - Hydrogen as a way to electrify what cannot be directly electrified – very high energy heat, parts of aviation, potentially very long-term trucks.
28:34 - The role of the Gulf, the Middle East, is it a part of the solution or part of the problem?
35:02 - Rapid fire round

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