Speedinvest - Takeaways From Europe's Best Year Ever in Climate Tech (ft Marie Helene Ametsreiter)

Marie Helene Ametsreiter is a General Partner at Speedinvest, an early-stage generalist fund based out of Wien in Austria, with more than €600m AUM and 40 investors based in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, and Vienna.
Marie-Helene oversees their newly launched Climate Tech fund.

Marie Helene has a TON of insights to share:
- her perspective on the latest trends in Climate Tech in Europe
- the role of corporates in this transition
- whether Planetly's 'failed' acquisition can send a negative signal to the market

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As the lead partner of the Speedinvest Industrial Tech team, Marie-Helene drives Seed stage investments in startups supporting the digitization of Europe’s Industrial Tech sector, including manufacturing, logistics, construction, and Climate Tech.
She oversees Speedinvest’s office in Munich and its investments in the Industry 4.0 space.

00:50 - Start
00:54 - Introduction to SpeedInvest
02:37- Climate Tech Fund – the team, the funds
03:32 - Investments in Industrial Tech – SpeedInvest’s report Takeaways of Europe’s greatest year
05:07 - The role of corporates in climate tech and their commitment to net-zero
07:39 - Why should corporates change if it brings them the “cash cow”
09:25 - What is currently most relevant for investment?
12:25 - Software vs. Hardware – is Software a climate solution?
14:29 - Strategic (corporate) investment in early stages? Yes, or no?
15:37 - Planetly getting shut down – what is the position as the investor?
17:13 - Market expansion of climatic startups in the U.S. compared to Europe - what can be emulated by the rest of the world?
19:25 - What can we do as a community to help climatic startups?
22:14 - Rapid fire round

Yoann Berno https://www.linkedin.com/in/yberno/
After a career spent building and investing in top tech startups, Yoann is now a founding member and General Partner at Climentum Capital focused on investing in game-changing technological solutions to our worsening climate crisis.

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