Planted - Alternative meat: is Europe late to the party? with Pascal Bieri

Pascal Bieri is the Co-Founder of Planted, a Zurich-based startup developing meat from alternative proteins.

Planted produces alternative chicken, pulled pork, kebab and schnitzel and their products are available at restaurants and retailers across 6 countries in Europe.

In this episode we:
- go deep into the alternative meat space
- compare the European ecosystem with US giants like Impossible foods and Beyond meat
- discuss whether startups will win this race against food giants like Nestle.

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Pascal Bieri is the Co-Founder of Planted, a Zurich-based startup developing meat from alternative proteins.

- US vs Europe: comparison of the alternative meat landscapes (2:00)
- Are we too late to the party in Europe? (3:00)
- Animals have a super inefficient way to transform proteins into a texturized product (5:00)
- The Europe meat substitute market is expected to grow to 3.5bnEUR by 2027 (6:00)
- Who will win between food giants like Nestle and startups like Planted (7:00)
- Why the super unnatural flavor used by mainstream food giants won’t satisfy consumers for long (8:00)
- The factor that drives success in the alternative meat space (8:58)
- How can intend to compete with the monster retailers (10:30)
- The actual technological innovation of Planted (13:00)
- Planted’s glass-house production facility, making it the first transparent meat production open to the public (15:00)
- Where Planted sources the soy, tofu and the flour used come from (18:00)
- Why pea is also great for the soil (19:00)
- Why the Nutriscore (A to F) isn’t really representative of the quality of ingredients (21:00)
- How growth starts with culture (24:40)
- How Planted tries to center the culture around the team and not egos (26:00)
- How they instill the right hunger for growth (27:00)
- Why being a spin-off from ETH Zurich truly helped them at the start (28:30)
- The advantage of leveraging the innovation centers of top universities (31:00)

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