Norrsken VC - Impact investing in a market downturn with Agate Freimane

In today's show, we will discuss with Agate:
- The state of Climate Tech in the Nordics
- The correlation between impact and financial returns
- What the current economic slowdown means for Climate Tech VC
- The biggest learnings from raising Norrsken VC and investing in 40 companies

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Agate Freimane is a General Partner at Norrsken VC, a €125m Swedish early stage impact VC investing in technology that solves some of the world’s greatest challenges.

She comes from investment banking at Morgan Stanley and then worked at a PropTech/Fintech startup: Brickvest.

- The Norrsken backstory: how 3 unicorn founders started 6 years ago a one-stop shop for impact investing (1:00)
- Agate’s views on the Climate Tech scene in Sweden and the Nordics (3:50)
- How Stockholm wants to become the global impact capital (4:00)
- The transition from a tech ecosystem to impact ecosystem (4:30)
- The power or role models to scale the ecosystem (5:00)
- How Northvolt’s success led the charge to a booming Swedish electric ecosystem (trucks, airplanes, boats) (6:00)
- What Agate thinks of the “classic VC downturn letter” that most VCs have been issuing to their portfolio companies (8:40)
- Startups with strong fundamentals will remain the best VC cases (10:20)
- Why impact startups might be the most resilient in an economic downturn
- VC investing comes down to two options: vitamins vs painkillers. Impact companies are the painkillers (11:00)
- Is 10 years sufficient as a time-horizon for deep tech hardware solutions? (12:00)
Why Norrsken looks for deep tech startups that have immediate pent-up demand (13:00)
The one area where Agate has completely changed her mind in the past 2 years (16:10)
Why Norrsken’s biggest mistake was to fall in love in something else other than the team (19:00)
Agate’s tips to people that want to break into Climate Tech and join a startup (21:50)
The 700 Climate tech jobs listed on Norrsken’s job board with (23:00)
Why the hardest part is to break into the Climate community and why it gets much easier to transfer between companies once you understand the climate ecosystem (24:00)
How Norrsken runs investment decisions (26:40)
The 1-to-1 correlation between financial and impact returns (28:00)

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