July 5, 2022

Entrepreneurs For Impact - Building a bridge between the US and Europe in Climate with Chris Wedding

Chris Wedding is an ex-Private Equity investor, 3x founder, professor at Duke University, a Climate CEO Coach, and a MONK !

Today's episode is a little special. Both Chris and I are running Climate Tech podcasts. The difference is that Chris has been doing it for a lot longer than I have, and he sits on the other side of the Atlantic, in the US.

We talk about both ecosystems, and give LOTS of tips to Founders, and folks looking to switch careers and go all-in on the Climate Fight.

Listen and Learn

  • When did you decide to dedicate yourself to climate work? (1:29)
  • How does ClimateTech compare to crypto, Metaverse, etc. in the US? (6:25)
  • How has the economic downturn materialized in your day-to-day interactions? (9:20)
  • What is a US ClimateTech success story? (11:39)
  • Maturity of the ClimateTech (13:30)
  • Teaching ClimateTech CEOs (14:16)
  • Resources on how to get into ClimateTech (18:07)
  • Do you see ClimateTech job opportunities to be on the rise? (20:49)
  • Rapid fire round (21:59)
  • Would you hire professional consultants to help with fundraising? (29:23)
  • Would you advise to think about exits early on? (31:08)
  • How would you attract talent for ClimateTech startups? (32:49)

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Chris Wedding

Climate CEO Coach | Duke University professor

Former private equity investor, 3x founder, climate CEO mastermind peer group leader, board member, writer, podcaster.

$1B+ of investment experience. 60,000 professionals taught.

20+ years of experience in climate tech, solar project finance, green real estate, electric vehicles, energy storage, teaching.